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May 2010 Blog Posts (6)

No lights, no congestion - again.

If further evidence is needed of traffic improving when motorists are free to negotiate movement without signals dictating their every move, see the story below about lights out of action in Exeter. The alarmist news reporter/ editor warns of "chaos", but to a man and a woman, the commentators report blissful freedom from congestion, aggravation and delay. See…


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Rules of the road spell danger

At 2.20pm on a day in January 2009, Victoria Johnson, 23, a trainee barrister, was crossing Mile End Road as the green man started to flash. Foysal Ali, 24, a trainee social worker, driving a Ford Ka, saw amber-flashing lights ahead, so he carried on. "She came out of nowhere", he said.…


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A near miss

Outside Lambeth North tube this evening, as I was about to cross the road, a bus come to a stop in the left-hand lane just short of the traffic light. A guy had already started to cross in front of the bus, apparently unaware that the (shaded) traffic light was green. He must have assumed the light was red because the bus was stationary. I began to follow him, but an instinct prompted me to hold back and call out, "Careful!" At that instant, a BMW sped past in the outside lane, missing the guy… Continue

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Death by regulation

Was the crash that killed 3 people and injured 35 on the A66 near Keswick an accident? Or was it an event contrived by the rules of the road? It happened at a T-junction. The rules tell main road drivers to ignore side roads, so they barrel along at…


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Justice and equality

In his book, Injustice,…


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Still here

Thanks to those who have been in touch via email: the absence of recent posts is due to pre-occupation with a book synopsis and re-editing of the film as part of a presentation to a traffic management conference. The presentation caused a bit of a stir and some positive feedback.

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