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You can be the safest, most aware driver, but the bass turds are out to get you and get you they will. Paid savants devise cryptic regulation that builds into the vast public disservice known as traffic management. The other day I drove along Cromwell Road to experience Exhibition Rd as a driver. As you know, but in case you don't, Exhibition Rd is a flagship shared space scheme, where life on the road is supposed to be sweeter. But they have already found ways to sour it. First, they've banned the left turn. Sod 'em, I said to myself, as I took a careful left with no harm to absent man or beast (apparently it's in case people are crossing on foot - London is a city, durr). As I've said before, they make us go via XYZ to get from A-B, thus increasing journey time, fuel use and emissions. Anyway, proceeding carefully towards Hyde Park, I was surprised at the speed of traffic coming the other way. It's further evidence that streetscape redesign is not enough on its own. To make roads fit for people, a wider programme of reform is needed, above all a change in culture from priority to equality. As long as priority rules, it will be KO rather than OK. We will remain at odds with each other, and traffic managers will continue to devise vain solutions to cure the incurable.

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