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December 2009 Blog Posts (3)

Knock-kneed Hockney

On David Hockney's edition of Today about intrusive authoritarianism, Bob Marshall Andrews said this legislatively hyperactive government seeks to deter wicked behaviour by restricting civil liberties - an approach doomed to fail. David Willetts said it's better to harness human nature than seek to control it (a view I share and expressed in In Your Car No-one Can Hear You Scream!). Hockney was asked how far he would go,… Continue

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Naked cyclists - wrong helmets on show?

Health and safety trump social convention in this story from NZ.
Happy Christmas

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Speed limits

As if they needed it, local councils are being "given permission" by the DfT (Dept for Transport) to create 20mph zones. There is also talk of reducing rural speed limits to 50. I'm all for low speeds where warranted, but new restrictions will open the door to more expenditure on enforcement. Wouldn't it be more sustainable to reform the system to stimulate appropriate speed based on context?

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