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September 2010 Blog Posts (6)

Drug prohibition and speed limits

The Observer reports that Humberside chief constable, Tim Hollis, has proposed decriminalising personal drug use to rationalise resources, in apparent support of the widespread (commonsense?) view that prohibition doesn't deter drug use, and decriminalisation would cut crime. There is a clear parallel with roads policy, e.g. one-size-fits-all speed limits. (Of course, one size can’t fit all, so the idea is nonsensical applied…


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Cut drink drive limit?

The Government’s legal adviser, Sir Peter North, wants the drink drive limit cut from 80 to 50mg alcohol/100ml blood. Malcolm Heymer of the ABD claims the "one pint and you’re banned rule" would devastate the rural economy. Transport minister, Philip Hammond, appears to agree. My view? I’m against most one-size-fits-all regulation. We’re all different, and by definition, one size can’t fit all. One man’s pint is another man’s…


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Railing against railings (and signals)

Killer signals and railings on the rampage again:

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Yahoo! Cars

The idea of questioning traffic lights is a still surprise to some people. Yet traffic lights are only the most visible symptom of a dysfunctional system. The need for reform goes a lot deeper. Piece here.

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Is the Law is an Ass (Part 399)?

Ambulance driver, Paul Bex, 51, from Duxford, was recorded doing 102mph with blue lights flashing while transporting an organ. The law says it's illegal for ambulances to speed if they are not carrying a patient. I might have said it a 1000 times, but speed doesn't kill. It's inappropriate speed that kills - the kind of speed you get at priority and signal-controlled…


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How (not) to win friends. Mr Angry rails again

Bristol has shelved the idea of switching off traffic lights. Evening Post article here.

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